Our café-bar has been tempting the inhabitants of Chivasso with its range of fine patisserie since 1922, the year Luigi Bonfante took over the premises of the erstwhile Pasticceria Piatti which itself was established in the 1800's. In taking over the business Luigi Bonfante resolved to re-launch and broaden the popularity of Nocciolini beyond the confines of Chivasso. It wasn't long before his dream came true, and shortly after re-opening, our café-bar became a focal meeting point for the local community. It is worth remembering that Chivasso is a town famed for its many cafés, so much so that the local press as far back as 1904 referred to it as the "perfect town for a rendezvous". The interior of the café is a little liberty style jewel. Its marble, ornate mirrors, bar and intricately carved wood panelling in Piedmontese walnut all contribute towards conjuring up an atmosphere resonant of a 1920's café.

Pasticceria Bonfante
Chivasso - via Torino 29

  • Phone: 0119102157
  • Opening hours: the shop is open every day from Monday to Sunday, from 08:00 to 20:00 (except Monday, opening from 14:00).